we are eloquel

what we do 

we work with companies to unlock growth and enhance profitability through:


through consulting we act as a credible mentor, trusted coach and friendly sparring partner to help you solve challenges and unlock opportunities


through training we develop the skillset of your team and ensure the team, processes and tools are fit for the future


in growth engineering we introduce and embed our unique process to unlock opportunities that deliver strong enduring growth

as your consulting partner we will help you:


  • visualise success

  • identify risks

  • explore new ideas and opportunities 

  • create a compelling strategy

  • target effective solutions

  • lead change

as your training partner we will help you:

  • create an inspiring learning journey

  • run training activities 

  • develop key capabilities

  • enhance individual skills

  • measure impact

  • retain an apply learning

as your growth engineering partner we will help you:

  • discover new insights

  • turn insights into compelling strategy

  • create exciting initiatives

  • drive outstanding execution

  • embed new ways of working

  • instil an 'excellence' mindset

facilitating growth

we help you become a bigger, better business through:


  • a “big company” perspective of what successful multinationals do and why


  • inspirational ideas and solutions from extensive experience in commercial roles


  • proven models and tools that can be applied to any size of business and scaled as the business grows

turning insight into action

we translate newly discovered insight into meaningful action and tangible results through:


  • simple to understand concepts and models relevant to the unique needs of the company


  • simple to use tools applied in a pragmatic, practical way


  • unbiased, candid feedback on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities


  • a passion and drive for action facilitating change in a considered, progressive way ​

embedding commercial excellence

our commercial excellence framework helps identify the biggest and best opportunities to grow your business

whether following our unique process from brand ideation through creating strategy and executing our plan, or simply deep-diving into a single element of our framework to solve pressing challenges or unlock new opportunities, we ensure changes stick and results last

about us

eloquel is led by two friends, Dave and Nathan, who together hold over 40 years experience in successful multinational companies.

pulling on a breadth and depth of experience - including leading the commercial capabilities program at Carlsberg and driving revenue growth management at Coca Cola - we have developed ideas and tools that will enable you to achieve profitable growth.

we believe that smaller companies can grow by understanding and learning from the best practices of successful multinational companies so we've joined forces to help others take inspiration from the great ideas and ways of working that we’ve experienced over the years

what our customers say

through regular coaching sessions, eloquel has enabled BBY to sharpen its focus whilst helping me to reassess priorities so that i’m now spending more of my time on what matters most

James Smith

Founder & Director at Big Bold Youth CIC

welcoming eloquel into our leadership team has helped Food-fix to create an inspiring brand strategy and winning go-to-market plan for our exciting new range of vegan products

Mike Thomson

Chairman at Foodfix Consulting Ltd


22 The Cedars

Dunstable Street



MK45 2JZ

call us on +44 (0) 7432 102302 to discover how we can help grow your business:

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